Day 5 - Advent Reflection - Bless

A few years ago, I received a phone call from a friend informing me that a close mutual friend had died. I know he had more phone calls to make, but he chose, instead, to remain on the phone for a while. We talked about the good times we had shared. Finally, we made arrangements to travel together for the funeral. By the time I hung up the phone, I felt comforted, even though he had tried explicitly to console. I know It would have been easy for him to drop that news and then move on to make the next phone call, but he specifically chose to stay.

When Mary is visited by the angel Gabriel, she is at first confused, uncertain, and overwhelmed by the news the angel gives. Gabriel stays and explains until Mary utters a phrase of unparalleled confidence: “Let it be to me according to your word.”

When has someone visited you, shared hard news, but then listened to you, acknowledged your feelings, and in departing, you feel supported and confident? How has that blessed you?

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