Day 26 - Hospitality

Sorry Folks. I may post a video later, but I don't think there will be time. So hopefully, the reflection below will suffice.

Hospitality is itself a practice of blessing. Long established in the biblical narrative, offering hospitality to strangers brings about blessing, whether it is Abraham hosting the angels to learn that God has great things in store for him, or Elijah discovering God’s steadfast favor when he is housed with a poor widow and her son, or Jesus suggesting that by welcoming strangers you welcome him.

Most people I know who have visited countries in the developing world have mentioned being overwhelmed by their hospitality. I know that on each of my visits to Honduras, Mexico, and South Africa, I have experienced hospitality from people who probably spent more on hosting me in their homes than they would have on their entire family for a week.

I wonder if when we are unable to rely on our wealth to sustain us, it necessitates reliance on the hospitality of strangers. I wonder if there develops a reciprocal notion of dependence, that while I may have enough today to help others, next week they may indeed help me. In that interdependence, we experience God’s faithfulness.

I would, of course, stop short of suggesting that systemic poverty is a virtue. Still, perhaps when we are vulnerable to one another and the world around us, as any form of hospitality requires, there opens a new possibility for God’s inbreaking and incarnation among our neighbors.

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