Day 23 - Listening to Others' Story.

In the spiritual practices of the Way of Love, “Go” is perhaps one of the most difficult. It asks that we cross physical, mental, or cultural boundaries. These boundaries are intimidating. However, there is also a tremendous gift received by all when we do this kind of work.

Before his untimely death, I always found Chef Anthony Bourdain’s television shows fascinating. These shows tended to place him into cultural situations where he always seemed a bit awkward at first but eventually found a way to relate with people. It was amazing to watch this unfold as he navigated the differences of their culture through storytelling and listening. Of course, no one knows how genuine these televised moments were, but from appearances, he always found a legitimate connection. His producers have said that he just had this innate ability. He, of course, reaped the culinary benefits, sharing in delicious meals in some of the most fascinating parts of our world and among some of the most guarded cultures and peoples. But the lesson that I take away is that when people from differing backgrounds share their stories and are heard, there is an extraordinary potential for magic.

So, perhaps in Going, we should always make room to listen to someone else’s story and share some of our own. Perhaps God resides in that space.

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