Reserving your spot for 9:00 am Sunday worship services

We are now offering two in-person worship services on Sunday Mornings at 8:00 am (Rite I) and 10:30 am (Rite II).  If you wish to attend a Sunday service we ask that you make a reservation. To do so you may call the church office starting 9:00 am Thursday morning. After office hours on Thursday, you may reserve by emailing the office or filling out the reservation form below. Do not, however,  assume you have a reserved spot until we contact you. Please read the protocol below and if you are unable to abide by any of the requirements, we ask that you remain home and worship with us online.

Make a reservation
Choose your service time

Protocol for Resuming Services

Phase II – Resumption of Indoor worship services


Two services are offered at 8:00 am and 10:30 am and worshippers are asked to reserve their place by calling the church office on Thursday or using the above reservation form.


If you are sick or at higher risk due to age or underlying health concerns, please stay home. Worship with us online.


If you have recently traveled to a place with increased risk of infection, please stay home. Worship with us online.


Masks must be worn properly over the nose and mouth at all times (only exception – children under age 3). If you are not comfortable wearing a mask or unable to wear one, please stay home. Worship with us online.


The Church building will be cleaned weekly and sanitized by GermRid Eco electrolyzed water solution. These products are safe for the wood fixtures in our church and on the EPA’s list of disinfectants (EPA registration number 93040-1).


All hymnals, prayer books, and bibles will be removed from pews and placed in balconies.


Upholstered pew cushions will be removed and placed in the balcony.


Bulletins, flyers, and inserts are single-use and placed in the recycling bin immediately following the service.


Masks and hand sanitizer are available at sanitizing stations as worshippers enter the building. However, they are encouraged to bring their own.


According to the bishop, only 15 domiciles may be present in any one service. Domicile specifically means living in the SAME HOUSE.


No physical passing of the Peace.


No social gathering in the church.


Worshipers enter from the entry on the east side of the building (Church Street) and exit on the west side (S. Mildred) unless they need to use the mobility impaired ramp.


To promote fresh air circulation, we will leave two exterior doors and all narthex doors open when people are present in the building.


Only one domicile unit sits per marked row.


Certain pews are restricted to accommodate social distancing.


Ushers will guide worshippers to a pew.


Worshippers are asked to wipe down pews with provided products on arrival and departure. Any used disposable disinfecting products must be placed in provided trashcans.


If a worshipper uses a restroom facility, they are to use hand sanitizer, as well as wipe down with paper towel and sanitizing solution the toilet seat, faucets, and flush levers on entry to and exit from the bathroom. Any disposable paper products used for disinfecting should be placed in trashcan.


Participants will abide by a covenant agreement to follow the above protocols. (please see below)


Communion Distribution:

Priest washes hands and puts on gloves immediately before distribution of communion.

The altar guild will assure that wafers are only touched by gloved hands in preparation.

Guided by ushers, one domicile unit at a time will come forward and stand at the chancel steps to receive communion. 


What to bring:

  1. A mask

  2. Travel sized hand sanitizer

  3. A cushion for the pew, if you believe you will need one

  4. Your own prayerbook if you want one, although bulletins will include all participatory parts of the service




In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, I PROMISE, with God’s help and to the best of my ability, to abide by the guidelines above for participation in the life of Zion Episcopal Church according to the phase II regathering in which Zion Episcopal is authorized to carry out its mission and ministry. I UNDERSTAND that the coronavirus is highly contagious, and that there is a risk of infection that is beyond the control of the church in spite of the precautions being taken. I WILL MAKE MY OWN DECISION as to my safety in entering the church building, and for the safety of children and others in my care.


In fulfillment of our Baptismal Covenant, I will strive to:

Love my neighbor as myself

  • Wear a mask over my nose and mouth at all times in church buildings, except momentarily to receive the sacrament.

  • Only attend worship and receive communion if I am healthy and non-symptomatic and have not recently traveled to areas with increased risk of infection.

  • Follow protocols for cleaning and disinfecting.

Respect the dignity of every human being

  • Make no physical contact during worship services with people beyond the members of my own household.

  • Maintain a six-foot or more distance from others in the congregation.

  • Respect any requests for distance, masking, or cleaning, to ensure the safety and comfort level of others, even as restrictions are reduced.

  • Immediately notify the Church Office ( if I become symptomatic, if I am diagnosed as positive for the coronavirus, or if I believe I was at risk of infection when I attended the church.

Seek and serve Christ in all people

  • Trust and support the decisions of our congregational leaders.

  • Stay connected with others in my community by telephone, email, video chat, or mail.


Whether you are new to the Christian faith, seeking a church home, or just visiting Charles Town, we hope you all gather with us this Sunday and join in the celebration.




301 E. Congress Street

Charles Town, WV 25414

Mailing: 221 E. Washington St.

Charles Town, WV 25414

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